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  • Insulating your motherboard

    Hey there folks this is my first post apart from my introduction.

    First I like Kingpins DICE/LN2 Pots and they are very good quality. However I have also the one by Piotres and the other from Reeven.

    Though one thing is that I have seen many people at oc contests that use cardboard boxes to use their rig on. Personally if one starts out like
    that they are asking for trouble. However I kind of like Dimastech Bench tables. My first one was when thermochill PA series was using the old 25mm
    fan spacing , then I had the hard 2.5.

    Here are my scores on my ocing using DRY ICE at the gooc oc 2010 contest...... btw G1lgamesh is me!

    Innovation Cooling

    Little devil also does good tables, however for some reason i prefer dimastech when benching with either water or sub zero, possibly the customer service i had. Anyway
    i hope i can help somewhat here with my experience.

    I know this is a review site also, but please forgive my indulgence for the benefit of the end user I composed a complete sub zero (for DICE) guide and where to purchase the parts from in hte United kingdom.

    PLease indulge me for this link
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